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You’re probably wondering what Contendir is, and what it does. Simply said, “it’s a storytelling collective that tells your story.”

As industry professionals, we see on a daily basis the people who don’t get enough credit, or have an empowering story that the world is missing out by not knowing.

Why? A well known photographer once told me, “There’s (3) kinds of people in this world. 1) those that run towards the camera, 2) those that run away from the camera, and 3) the person holding the camera. I’m holding the camera, and I’ve always been intrigued by those who don’t want their picture taken.” He went to add, “Why not?, What are they hiding?… it’s a mystery”

Ironically, this idea came about in a manner that provoked the question, “I didn’t know that about you.”

Writers / Bloggers can submit their own stories, and you can nominate someone, HERE

… or we’ll seek content through our extensive network and publish ourselves.

We’ve taken the time to create this for the greater good of our passions, and the people that compete, or help us along the way.



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