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Contendir is a storytelling collective that focuses on the competitive nature in all of us, and the story behind the person.

In a world centered on social media, we strive to put our personal brand, sponsors, results, and even our businesses ahead of everyone else. #Hashtags, Promotions, and endless connections, people rarely stop to learn who you are as a person, your history, the successes, and the failures. We all have a story, and that story rarely gets told. Until now.

Our focus is you. Join us in telling that story.

How Contendir came about….

Simply put, we noticed that storytelling is a lost art, and everyone focuses on the current state, rather than the “How did you…,” “What did you do,” or “I did not know that about you….”

Our stories, when told individually seem selfish, and self-centered. When told by someone else, it holds weight and a sense to know more is deeply rooted.

There’s so much more to all of us, and once our story is told, you hold the ability to connect with people who are either at war with their current struggle, or seek someone who has went through the same storm. Or, maybe your story inspires others, assists in their dreams, and gives me the courage to take the step forward.

This collective is for the competitor, the people behind the scenes, and their individual stories. Welcome to Contendir.

We’re constantly looking for the next story.

If you have a story to be told, or know someone who does –> Contact us


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